Detox 360°™

DETOX 360°™ An Integrative System for Today’s Toxic Environment

Our Approach

DETOX 360°™ An Integrative System for Today’s Toxic Environment

Detox 360°, a thorough detoxification program, was created in response to the unprecedented levels of toxins in our environment. Never before in human history have we been exposed to such high levels of toxins. The air we breathe, the chemicals in our foods, the release of chemicals in our homes and workplaces all add to our toxic load. Therefore, on a daily basis, it is important for our body to break these toxins down and clear them from the body. Our detoxification organs such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin have a lot of work to do every day.

To do this they need a variety of nutrients to support the detoxification process. If these nutrients are not available, the body will have a difficult time detoxifying. If the detoxification process is slowed down, the toxins are not effectively eliminated.

When this happens, the toxins will re-circulate and are held in the tissues for detoxification later on. But, as more toxins enter the body, those stored toxins do not get eliminated. As time goes on, the toxins accumulate and eventually the cells are not as able to receive nutrients and the energy factory of the cells, the mitochondria, become impaired. Symptoms of toxicity appear along with identifiable health issues.

— Renew your health today and:

The program includes the Detox 360°™ manual (meal plans, recipes, dietary guidelines, all products (ClearVite™, Metacrin DX™, Nourish Greens™, Trizomal Glutathione™, homeopathic drainages for the liver, lymph and kidneys, OmegaCo3 fish oil, linen carry-all, health articles and more).

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