Total Vitality Program

Total Vitality Program

After the initial consultation is complete, give yourself the support you need to navigate the dietary and lifestyle recommendations optimally, using proven strategies and educational resources.

Congratulations on making a commitment to experience a greater level of health, vitality and well-being. You will not only learn to make healthy eating an integral part of your life, but you will also make healthy living your lifetime passion!

Your program will last at least three months or more, during which you should experience slow and noticeable changes in your health. But, if you have been having health challenges for some time, then it usually takes longer for your symptoms to resolve and your health to improve. Our ultimate goal is that you will experience long term, stable health. We will determine this through your feedback, nutritional assessments and laboratory tests.

We will take a comprehensive, holistic approach to developing your personalized program. This may include the psychological, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors that will bring better health into your life.

Your program will include individualized dietary recommendations, detoxification, nutrition education, lifestyle recommendations (physical activity, stress management) and other important recommendations that will move you towards your goals. Your program will also include individualized nutritional support in the form of professional grade vitamins, minerals, herbs or homeopathy. All nutritional support products are scientifically designed to further changes in your physiology and to address metabolic imbalances.

Together we will design the program to suit your unique needs. You will be provided with an outline of your nutrition program, along with diet journals and feedback forms to record your progress and successes.

You will be supported throughout your program by your nutrition professional.  A professional nutrition coach is also available through our Healthy Start Program. You will be implementing your diet, taking the recommended nutritional support and scheduling check-in times during your program. You will check-in with your nutrition professional to provide ongoing feedback and every four weeks or so and if needed will receive new dietary and nutritional support recommendations.

Along the way we will continue to develop your individual plan to meet your goals.

Your health team will support you in the implementation of your nutrition and lifestyle program. We will work with you to make it as easy to implement as possible, knowing that some changes will take more effort and time than others.

We expect you to follow your program with your best efforts and to provide honest feedback about your struggles and successes.

We wish you great success and a lifetime of healthy living!

Total Vitality Program (TVP)

Nutrition consult follow up time with Linda or Jean. 

Healthy Start Program (HSP)

Two hours diet and lifestyle coaching support with Jean Hilton. 

Setting the stage for a successful program experience. Take a deep dive through your unique challenges to stay on program and find vibrant solutions.  

All programs include a 10% discount on supplements

2021 Detox 360

Wednesday Evenings: February 3 - March 3

Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm | Call 916.961.0676

(First kick-off class is from 6:30 - 8:30 pm)


Shake Off the accumulated toxicity of 2020 with food, fun, learning and profound nutritional support!

Healthy Detox is the best way to restore a healthy balance - change body composition, reset your hormones, improve blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and restore brain clarity.


Five weekly meetings, scientifically proven supplement support, course manual, carry-all bag and a time of learning together with new friends seeking health.

Cost: $425 or $400 for returning participants

PLACE: Universal Wellness Associates | 5330 Primrose Dr., Ste 137, Fair Oaks, CA |

(You can also join us online!)

Register by Jan 20th for $25 Savings Limited Class Size

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