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Linda Clark M.A., C.N.C.

Like so many others, Linda Clark’s health was a gradual decline. Her symptoms of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities and extreme exhaustion crept into her life, but raising a family and working full time kept her too busy to put much effort into her own health. 

When her health finally failed and she was no longer able to work, she sought advice from doctors, and was told that nothing could be done to help her. She was advised to seek psychotherapy.
And so her journey to health began.

During the next seven years, she sought the help of multiple professionals, and read voraciously so she could manage her own care with more confidence. Linda was finally able to work managing a health food store – where she had access to clinical studies – and clients with many health concerns.

She discovered that diet, ongoing complimentary care, and changes in her lifestyle and spiritual outlook were central to her healing. Linda drastically changed her diet to include only whole foods and eliminated gluten and dairy. Food became her medicine!

Jean Hilton M.A., C.N.C.

Jean is a nutritional consultant and health coach with a passion for studying current research and exploring new ideas in the field of nutrition and wellness. She is an advocate for layering emotional health and stress management strategies to optimize nutritional efforts toward health. These include biofeedback brain entrainment, coaching solutions and developing an abundance mindset with healthy food. 

Jean’s interest in the field of wellness began during her journey with family members facing health challenges. When she saw loved ones suffering, she utilized medical research skills she had developed in her first graduate program to developed successful healing protocols for conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome and metabolic syndrome.  Her interest became even more personal when she was diagnosed with Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in 2013.  This often debilitating neurological pain disorder was triggered after a simple broken wrist. After her own healing experience through acupuncture and nutrition, she had a strong desire to help reduce pain like this in others. She gained a new respect for the body’s own healing mechanisms and the power of creating an individual approach that works with the body to optimize wellness.

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Impact Stories

Marie Rouse

A wealth of knowledge from Linda. Very impressed with her knowledge of thyroid disease and explains it in a way that is understandable. It’s refreshing to get her help. Conventional doctors usually don’t see outside the box for thyroid disease or autoimmune issues. Linda has given me hope.

Mary Yount

Jean is a gifted teacher and healer!  I leave her office with increased energy, optimism, and a greater sense of well-being.  This carries over into my life.  For example, while in a doctor’s office recently, my oxygen saturation level rose by three points within seconds of beginning a HeartMath breathing technique.  I find that being in Jean’s presence is, in itself, healing.  

Alex Kidd

I literally owe everything to Linda. I was nothing but a lump of flesh not being able to do anything with my life. I had been to dozens of doctors who had various theories but could never seem to diagnose what I had going on. I dragged myself up to Sacramento out of desperation to get my life back, and when I got there I was blessed to find out that unlike most doctors I had encountered, that she actually understood what I was going through, and had been through the motions of desperately trying to find solutions. She ran lab work that no other doctor ran, and came to conclusions with my health that no other doctor had diagnosed. I’ve been on her detox for a month now, and already I have made massive strides towards the best health I’ve ever had in my life. Linda is a absolute masterclass with her ability to diagnose and provide actual solutions for her patients. She will not just prescribe you to a drug and tell you to come back in 6 weeks to get more, she has resources and tools available that actually help heal and bring the body back to life. To say I am thankful for her would be an understatement, as she has actually single handily helped me get my life back. I highly encourage anyone who may be considering to go down the natural path route to go see Linda. You will not be wasting your time, efforts or money; it is all worth it.

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