Detox 360°™

A 28 Day Re-Set Program

DETOX 360°™ A Whole-Body Detox and Lifestyle Program

A 28 Day Re-Set Program

Detox 360 Program - Integrative Detox System by Linda Clark

There is no question that we all are exposed to an incredible array of toxins each day – our food, our home, our workplace, and our environment. Because of so much exposure, we can develop a toxic load that is difficult to clear.

The only way to really improve our health is to improve our ability to detoxify, break down and eliminate those toxins. What we have found is that most of us don’t know how badly we feel until we start feeling better.

The Detox 360°Program is a 28-day health practitioner supervised whole body detox and lifestyle program. It is clinically designed to facilitate removal of the toxic load that contributes to chronic health challenges and conditions. You will enhance the capacity of your detox organs such as the kidneys, lymph, colon, liver, gut, and skin to release toxins, even at a cellular level. You will re-set your metabolism and strengthen your immune function. You will integrate detox lifestyle habits into your daily routine so that you not only will detox on a daily basis, but also will improve and maintain your health.


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