HeartMath biofeedback, power over stress... and you!

HeartMath™ Interventions are shown to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and a long list of related medical disease states including hypertension, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

Using biofeedback to leverage the power of emotions  and targeted breathing techniques puts you in control over stress responses and can change health outcomes.

Heart-Rate Variability is a powerful indicator of wellness and longevity. By activating the ventral portion of the vagus nerve, you take control over damaging responses to chronic stress. Practice makes permanent and meaningful changes.  

This program involves one-hour biofeedback training sessions, once a week for five weeks. The practice at home takes minutes a day.

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Learn to reset and rewire your body’s stress responses for sustainable health benefits! 

Note: An adaptation of the biofeedback program can be utilized remotely if you are in need of distance support during these Covid-19 times. Using the same techniques with more internal self-monitoring strategies, we can make meaningful shifts in your stress responses, together. 

“Stress is not simply some benign complaint; it is a powerful risk factor for disease and an important predictor of health.

There is a documented link between stress and an increased risk for heart attacks, depression, cancer and the progression of HIV and AIDS.

Notably, a similar article in JAMA shows that workplace stress may be as bad for one’s heart as smoking and high cholesterol.

There is growing evidence that stress significantly affects virtually all stages of the disease process: genesis, progression and recovery.” – Rollin McCraty

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