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Our Approach to Health

Our Approach to Health

We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to developing your personalized program. This may include the psychological, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors that will bring better health into your life. We use various tests including blood tests, gastrointestinal profiles, saliva hormone panels, urine metabolic testing and questionnaires to discover the underlying metabolic issues and nutrient deficiencies  which create imbalances, so that we can customize our recommendations.

Working together as a team, we will design the program to suit your unique challenges and needs.  You will be provided with an outline of your nutrition program, along with diet journals and feedback forms to record your progress and successes.

Your program will include individualized dietary recommendations, detoxification, nutrition education, lifestyle recommendations (physical activity, stress management) supplements, and other important recommendations that will move you towards your goals. Your program will also include individualized nutritional support in the form of professional grade vitamins, minerals, herbs or homeopathy. All nutritional support products are scientifically designed to promote changes in your physiology and to address metabolic imbalances. 

You will be supported throughout your program by your nutrition professional and a professional nutrition coach. Along the way we will continue to develop your individual plan to meet your goals. Your health team will support you in the implementation of your nutrition and lifestyle program. We will work with you to make it as easy to implement as possible, knowing that some changes will take more effort and time than others. 

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