Universal Wellness Associates offers a variety of health related services designed to effectively support your journey to vibrant health and life.

Among the services offered are:

  • Functional Testing
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Health Coaching
  • HeartMath™  Biofeedback Training
  • Nutrition and Health Classes
  • Diet and Meal Planning
  • Asyra Screening

Functional testing and metabolic assessment are components that help determine the underlying causes health imbalances. With a variety of testing methods, we are able to focus in on where the imbalances lie, and thereby, create customized programs specifically geared for you.

Universal Wellness Associates knows that nutrition is the foundation of good health, and when you’re able to address your specific nutritional needs, you’ll soon gain control of your health.

Take a look at the different services we offer, and please call us to set up your FREE 15 -minute consultation with Linda or Jean. We will help determine which of the services or programs may be best for you.

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